Carbon Steel

Carbon Steel Tube

Demand for carbon steel tubes for machine structures is increasing recently. And we provide highly safe and durable carbon steel tubes for machine structures.

Sales Points

Range of sizes

We have tube manufacturing equipment that can produce tubes up to a maximum diameter of 82.6mm as well as a variety of cold drawing equipment allowing us to provide a high level of dimensional accuracy.

Quality control

We manufacture product under integrated quality control from raw material design through to the completed product.


We have an equipment that can detect crack defect with high precision capabilities such as ultrasonic and eddy current test.

Design depending on intended use

We can design individual specificaions that meet requirements through the use of heat treatment and finishing equipment. We also use carbon steel tube, high-tensile steel tube, cold drawing tube, and other types of steel tube manufactured in-house to provide shaped tubes finished in a variety of shapes (Part Making).

New product and development capabilities

We are actively engaged in the development of new product and technologies.

Production Range

The range of production capabilities for Electric Resistance Welding Pipe is as follows:
(Please contact us for details and further details)
Outside Diameter : φ19.1㎜~φ82.6㎜
Wall Thickness : t 0.8㎜~t 6.3㎜

Examples of Application

Carbon steel tubes of machine structures are used in a wide varienty of areas, especially components for motorcycle and vehicle.

Motorcycle Collar, Joint Metal, Cylinder, Stand, Front Fork, Steering Shaft, Exhaust Muffler,
Handle Bar, etc
Vehicle Cylinder Tube, Steering Shaft, Sleeve, Shaft Dust Cover, Propeller Shaft,
Door Impact beam, Bush, Shock Absorber, Outer Shell, Rear Axle Shaft, Rear View Mirror, etc

Motorcycle Part

Vehicle Part