Corporate Social Responsibility

Nippon Steel Pipe gives consideration to the future of the global environment and society, and accordingly practices corporate management based on CSR. Aware that the company is a public entity, we pledge to always ensure social justice.


Indonesian Law No.40 of Year 2007 Article 74 concerning Limited Liability Companies requires all companies to carry out their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Implementation of CSR activities should also be held with respect to aspects of appropriateness and fairness.

We realized that CSR is not just an obligation to comply with. For us, CSR implementation is also an important part of the company’s efforts to safeguard and ensure our business sustainability, as well as to actualize our vision to become the leading pipe maker company in the world.

CSR reflects the company’s positive contribution in delivering optimum benefits to environmental preservation as well as welfare improvement of the surrounding communities.


CSR activities in the environment sector aim to reduce the negative impact of destructive human activities. Efforts undertaken include planting trees for the company’s surrounding community or CSR implementation areas.

Planting Trees at Company’s Area


The religious sector receives special attention in our CSR activities. Each year, we runs its religious activities regularly to welcome big religious holidays. These activities are carried out to express our awareness and gratitude for the company’s success, which was achieved not only because of the positive support from all of our stakeholders, but also by the grace of God Almighty.


Community and organizational activities related to humanity, sports and arts remain as part of our focus. We consider our contribution to positive activities as essential, as we aim to create a channel where the community can express their creativity, especially amongst the younger generation, as we believe that we can bring more progress to the global scene.

Participating at Cultural Festival

INSP Fun Tournament

Donation for Islamic Boarding School & Orphanage